According to the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure for Moscow Region, the first stations on the Kursk–Riga diameter (Nakhabino–Podolsk route of the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) project) will open their doors to passengers as early as the end of November 2019. The new transport link will significantly relieve passenger flows and improve transport accessibility in various districts of Moscow, including Mar’yino. MCD will facilitate movement around the city, making it faster and more convenient.

Recall that Kuryanovo station (also on the Nakhabino–Podolsk route) is set to open in 2020 close to PSN Group’s Domashny neighborhood. The 80km line will connect the settlement of Nakhabino outside Moscow with the city of Podolsk, and link the Riga and Kursk routes of the Moscow railway. There will be more than 30 stops along this section of track. The Kuryanovo platform will be located five minutes’ walk from the Domashny neighborhood at the corner of Shosseynaya street and Proyektiruyemy driveway No. 4294. Neighborhood residents will be able to reach the station lobby via a direct overland passageway.

The MCD project represents a new kind of transport system that will combine commuter trains and subway. It will provide free transfers to the subway and the Moscow Central Circle line on one ticket. The launch of the MCD-1 section (Lobnya–Odintsovo route) is also slated for November. The line will connect the suburban Moscow towns of Lobnya and Odintsovo, as well as the Savyolovo and Smolensk routes of the Moscow railway.

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