Within the framework of the Open City festival, PSN Group arranged a tour of its SREDA residential complex for students at architecture universities in Moscow. The participants were told about the project by representatives of PSN Group and British landscape bureau Gillespies.

They learned that the site of the SREDA project used to accommodate a workshop of the Karacharovsky mechanical plant, built in the 1960-70s. In restoring the building, experts fr om design bureau UNK Project preserved the atmosphere of the former workshop and kept the brickwork in place, converting it to a modern loft-style office. Today the office premises, with an area of 2,000 square meters and a ceiling height of 14 meters, house meeting rooms, work zones, showrooms, cafes, a waiting area, and a children’s playroom. During the work, the hangar and roof were dismantled, and a special alcove was cut under the trees in the center of the office for the planting of three ficuses imported specially from Holland.

Ekaterina Kutumova, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, PSN Group:

“The sales office reflects the concept of the entire SREDA project, in which we sought to create not just a residential complex, but rather an environment for development, productive work, and raising children. Besides the internal kids and sports component, the external infrastructure is also well-developed, with a tennis academy, ice palace, swimming pool, and specialized training school for future Olympians located nearby.”

During the tour of the site, the students were told about the architectural concept, the characteristics of monolithic construction technology with hinged ventilated facade, the idea of variable-format glazing, and the layout planning of the residential section of the project. The SREDA project concept was developed by Ricardo Bofill Jr. of Spanish bureau RBTA. It was he who designed the different-storied blocks with horizontal low-rise sections and tall shapely towers, providing residents of the high-rise buildings with beautiful window views. Standard, panoramic, and wrap-around glazing were used in the project. Students also visited a demo apartment in one of the buildings finished with wrap-around glazing, which is typical for houses in Spain, France, and England, as well as the sales office showrooms, wh ere other decoration and furnishing options were on display.

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