The first phases saw the construction of 6,511.6 square meters of commercial space, 5,551 square meters of which have already been sold following commissioning by the developer; the premises are gradually being filled by stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, and other enterprises. In total, the developer has provided for more than 10,500 square meters of commercial space in all comfort-class projects.

At the SREDA residential quarter, 48 premises covering a total area of 5,329 square meters are being built on the first floors of the buildings. Currently, residents and their guests have access to a Magnit store, a 36.6 pharmacy, a Fidel barbershop, and the Black Jesus craft pub, which are located on an area of over 900 square meters as part of the first phase of the project. An Always Ready healthy food store and a manicure salon will also soon open their doors.

In all, 107 commercial premises with a total area of 7,317 square meters are due to be built on the site of the Domashny microregion. And as part of the first phase, three grocery stores, a cafe, and four construction materials stores have already been opened. The total area of commercial premises sold and opened amounts to 790.6 square meters.

The Grinada project infrastructure envisages 27 premises with a total area of 3,186 square meters. To date, stores covering a total area of 731.7 square meters have been opened, including: Magnit, GRIN-Market, a beauty salon, a dental surgery, and a construction materials store. Moreover, work is underway in several premises with a view to opening new places offering everyday goods and services.

Ekaterina Thain, Vice President, Retail Sales, PSN Group:

“We develop large-scale residential complexes, so it was important for us in the very first phases to provide not only a certain number of apartments with social infrastructure and parking lots, but also business premises. Thanks to the stores, beauty salons, and cafes already operating in the first phases, many residents can get various goods and services without leaving their homes.”

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