All PSN Group comfort-class projects ensure the unimpeded movement of disabled people throughout the territory of the residential complexes. All courtyards and buildings are equipped with ramps and wide entranceways and lobbies, and entrances are all at ground level, as per town-planning requirements.

The pathways for those with limited mobility also provide an informational support system.

In the Grinada residential quarter, wheelchair accessways are all at least 1.8 meters wide, taking into account the overall wheelchair dimensions. In addition, the thickness of the joints between the paving slabs on pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, and ramps allows people on crutches and in wheelchairs to move freely. The intersections of pedestrian paths with roadways have lowered side stones at a height of 1.5 cm, and the ramp fr om the sidewalk to the roadway is sloped at 5% for unimpeded wheelchair passage.

The entrances of all PSN Group comfort-class projects are built at ground level and, as per construction regulations, stepless. In some sections of the Domashny neighborhood, wh ere access to the elevators is not at ground level, ramps are provided. The same system exists in the SREDA residential quarter. Entranceways and lobbies in the Grinada residential quarter are built 10–25 cm above the ground leveling of the site, and are equipped with ramps with continuous handrails on both sides at a height of 0.9 and 0.7 m. The horizontal end of the handrail is 0.3 m longer than the inclined part. The longitudinal sides of the ramp are fitted with edging 0.15 m high. All surfaces of external platforms and ramps are finished with anti-slip coatings and color-coded. Each section of the residential part of the building is equipped with an intercom system with lowered panel.

The street-level porches of all PSN Group comfort-class projects have pram and wheelchair storage facilities.

At the start and end of the internal emergency staircases, before descending or ascending, there are contrasting colored stripes and textured coatings to facilitate evacuation. Handrails on the escape routes are painted with luminous paint or covered with light-colored tape. The lateral edges of steps that do not adjoin a wall have a special device to prevent walking sticks or feet from slipping.

In addition, building elevators are provided with a braille keypad with embossed tactile buttons. The special combinations of dots help persons with impaired vision to select the required button.

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