PSN Group continues to implement landscaping concepts in its comfort-class projects. The territories of the SREDA and Grinada residential quarters and the Domashny neighborhood have been bedded with more than 1,450 plants specially selected fr om the finest nurseries in Germany, Poland, and the Moscow Region.

More than 1,100 plants have been planted on the territory of the first and second phases of the SREDA residential quarter. The green area covers around 3 hectares in total, which includes the landscaping of 2 hectares of parkland adjacent to the project site. PSN Group has preserved the park’s perennial trees and planted new ones, including cherry, lilac, maple, birch, elm, spruce, pine, several types of juniper, barberry, and hydrangea.

In the courtyards of the Grinada residential quarter, PSN Group was able to preserve part of the trees growing on the territory before the start of construction. The developer also planted over 300 new trees and shrubs. Today, the inner courtyard of the residential quarter is decorated with pine, maples, birch, linden, and acacia, as well as barberry, cotoneaster, and juniper shrubs. Fir trees over 7 meters tall were planted in each courtyard, and the total landscaping area amounts to over 1.5 hectares. In addition, a 0.03-hectare summer greenhouse was built on the landscaped area, wh ere residents have already planted asters, irises, daylilies, and medicinal herbs in garden beds.

In the inner courtyard of the first phase of the Domashny neighborhood, more than 50 trees were planted, including spruce, maple, and birch, as well as groups of shrubs and perennial plants. The total landscaping area of the first phase exceeds 0.18 hectares. Active work is underway to green the central alley, which will serve as a promenade and pass through the entire neighborhood to the embankment of the Moskva River. To date, 28 linden and 30 birch trees have already been planted along the avenue, and work is being carried out with a view to paving footpaths and installing small architectural objects. The alley is set to be 450 meters long.

Mikhail Grachevsky, Vice President for Development for the PSN Group:

“Since our focus is on creating integrated development projects, besides housing, we take on the task of providing residents with a green and landscaped area. We are installing playgrounds in every courtyard, and providing ground-level commercial premises with shops, cafes, fitness clubs, and other services. When it comes to greening the territory, we hire international landscape design bureaus, and sel ect plants fr om European nurseries and arboretums. We tailor the plants for each individual building, and pick only those able to withstand the Moscow winter, so that every spring and summer, residents will be able to enjoy flowering green courtyards.”

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