On June 9, the results of the annual industry award Real Estate Market Records 2020 were announced. Following three rounds of public and professional voting, PSN Group's Domashny neighborhood was declared the winner of the Comfort-Class Residential Complex №1 category.

Recall that the project is being built in the Mar’yino District within walking distance of Park 850-Letiya Moskvy and the embankment of the Moscow River. The development covers a total area of 27 hectares. The architectural concept of the neighborhood was created by Dutch firm MLA+. One of the main features of the project is the variable-height buildings (from 6–9 to 15–32 storeys), providing maximum seclusion of all apartments and the courtyard area. The car-free courtyards feature playgrounds made by Kompan, as well as trees and shrubs. The project also envisages a 450-meter central alleyway, which will pass through the entire neighborhood and exit onto the embankment.

Real Estate Market Records is an annual award for achievements in the Russian real estate market and an acknowledged mark of quality in the industry. As a recognized and reputable event, the award is highly regarded by consumers due to the active involvement of market players and its rich decade-long history.

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