In 2020, Kuryanovo station is set to open within walking distance of PSN Group’s Domashny neighborhood, it was reported on the website of Moscow’s South-Eastern Administrative District. The platform will be located on the Nakhabino-Podolsk route of Moscow Central Diameter (MCD-2), a network of rail services.

Kuryanovo platform is being built at the corner of Shosseynaya street and road section No. 4294 (under construction and as-yet unnamed). Residents of the Domashny neighborhood will able to reach the station lobby in 5 minutes on foot via an overland walkway, which will be opened when the station becomes operational.

Also planned for this year is the construction of the MCD-2 Pechatniki platform with the option to transfer to Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro station on the same-named line. Thanks to these transport links, residents of Mar’yino district will have convenient access not only to neighboring areas, but to towns and cities near Moscow.

For the record, the first two lines of Moscow Central Diameters — MCD-1 (Lobnya-Odintsovo) and MCD-2 (Nakhabino-Podolsk) — were launched in November 2019. It represents a new mode of transport combining commuter trains and the metro system. Travel is via the Troika contactless card with free transfer to the metro and the Moscow Central Circle line within 90 minutes. Trains run every 5-6 minutes at rush hour.

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