Class A office building in the historic part of the city, within walking distance of the Kremlin

  • Address
    street. Arbat, d.1
  • Area
    36 995 sq.m
  • Type
+7 (495) 775 7475

The Alfa Arbat Center multifunctional complex has several advantages.

  • The building is located in the historic center of the city on the main pedestrian street 1 km from the Kremlin.
  • In walking distance from the metro stations "Arbat", "Alexander Garden", "Borovitskaya", "Library. Lenina "
  • The close proximity of the Garden Ring, Kutuzov Avenue
  • Scenic views of the Kremlin and the old Arbat
  • Implementation of increased requirements for comfort, design and safety of all office space
  • Developed infrastructure in the retail zone
  • High level finishes Buildings
  • Central air conditioning and exhaust ventilation;
  • Access Control System;
  • 2nd category of power supply;
  • Dedicated electrical power: 4 549 kW.;
  • One-time electrical power: 3,442 kW.;
  • DGU;
  • Column pitch 9x9;
  • KONE elevators;
  • Sprinkler fire extinguishing system;
  • Building Management System (BMS);
  • Independent Heating and Heating System
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