Authors of the landscape concept for One Hyde Park in London were enlisted to design the landscape for the SREDA residential quarter


The soft landscaping concept for the SREDA residential quarter was developed by the international architectural firm Gillespies, which has a 50-year-long successful track record implementing landscape design projects all over the world.

The landscaping concept for the SREDA residential quarter covers 9 hectares of land, or more than one half of the total construction footprint. Gillespies designers devoted particular attention to soft landscaping: the residential quarter will be dominated by parks and courtyards measuring a total of 7.5 hectares, or 39% of the entire project site area.

The chief highlight of the residential quarter will be a spacious internal park that will run the length of the project and connect various recreation sites. As they enter the residential quarter, residents and guests will be welcomed by cherry and lilac gardens that will gradually transition into the central pedestrian alley with numerous cafes and restaurants. The project developer, PSN Group, has decided to preserve the age-old lime and chestnut alleys that will become a favorite recreation site for the future residents of the quarter. The SREDA residential quarter is committed to promoting sports and education.

For this particular reason the concept developed by Gillespies features a sports environment, a recreation environment, and a creativity and education environment in the park zone. It will be home to multipurpose sports grounds where residents can play soccer and volleyball; tennis courts; a network of dedicated jogging and bicycle lanes; a mini-golf field; a rock-climbing facility; a basketball court, as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds with rides for children and teenagers of various ages.

To promote creativity and education, the SREDA residential quarter will include developmental centers and experimentation facilities where kids of all ages will be able to conduct actual science experiments.

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