The availability of nearby kindergartens and preschool educational institutions is an important factor for parents and young families when choosing a place to live. Within walking distance of the PSN Group’s Polyanka/44 elite mansion complex are several private educational institutions where children will receive expert care and tuition and make their first friends.

The "Territory of Happy Childhood" kindergarten, located on Bolshaya Yakimanka street within walking distance of Polyanka/44, caters for preschoolers fr om different cultures and nationalities. Here, they study in a French-Russian bilingual environment, and all educational activities are conducted in play format. Educators assert that game-based methods help children learn to perceive the surrounding world independently.

Located at 1 Spassalalivkovsky Lane is Baby Club, which accepts babies over the age of 8 months. In the older groups of no more than eight, children develop their intellectual, creative, and physical abilities. Despite the name, there is nothing "baby" about the tuition. Kids are taught not only to read and write, but to plan their time, speak freely in public, create stories, read books on their own, follow signs and directions in an urban environment, and defend their opinions in a well-argued manner.

The "Dobrynya" child development center is a 5-minute drive fr om the complex. This is a special kindergarten where children are taught classic British English alongside the general preschool education program. The center employs professional educators with experience in preschool institutions in England, Canada, and Australia. It boasts a natural English-language environment, wh ere the language is taught using the BBC English program. Tuition involves game-based methods and complete immersion in the language environment. The center has additional development programs too: chess, music, performing arts, and French.

The "Planet of Childhood" private development and education center is 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes on foot from 44 Bolshaya Polyanka street. The institution has four groups divided by age. The younger groups are for children aged 2–4, and the older ones for children aged 5–7. The center also offers a children’s night-stay service, in case parents suddenly have urgent business to attend to. From evening until morning, the child is under the constant supervision of an educator, and then taken home in the morning.

The "Muzeon One" bilingual kindergarten, which teaches English and Chinese from an early age, is 10 minutes by car from the complex. The kindergarten features a Montessori-concept environment, wh ere the space is divided into zones with play and teaching objects. The learning process is as hands-off as possible: the child selects an object (teaching aids, everyday items, toys) and studies it. The educators are sensitive to the child’s learning faculties and believe that the process develops independence and openness; such international practices help to acquire knowledge from an early age.

Recall that the Polyanka/44 elite mansion complex is an elaborate residential space in the Yakimanka district. PSN Group, together with the renowned British architectural bureau John McAslan+ Partners, created a complex that combines all the advantages of historical development and modern architecture. The history, elegant design, prestigious location, private territory, and large internal garden combined with the existing infrastructure of the district make the mansion complex an ideal place for families with children.

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