It is the 1,200 sqm "Cinnamon" cottage set in the very heart of Moscow.

"Cinnamon" dominates the POLYANKA/44 complex of luxury villas located two kilometers from the Kremlin in the quiet alleyways of Yakimanka, in a historic street of Moscow. The four-story "Cinnamon" cottage with a total floor area of 1,200 sqm has its own plot of land opening onto the garden and park ensemble of the complex. The cottage has a redundant security system, separate access to an underground parking lot, and a separate entrance to the cottage premises.

The layout solutions of the “Cinnamon” cottage feature four stories with a dazzling design, with separate bathrooms and walk-in closets in each bedroom. The cottage windows face the four directions of the world, and the ceilings are up to 4 meters high. This effective combination of proportions gives the “Cinnamon” cottage a very spacious feel and creates the sense of additional illumination. The staircase, utility lines, and elevator are located at the core of the cottage.

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