The recently opened overpass at the intersection of Volgogradskiy Avenue and Volzhskiy Boulevard will increase the transport throughput by 20%. Residents of the future Domashniy residential community will be able to reach their homes without waiting in traffic jams.

The overpass is 516 meters long. It has three lanes going in each direction. The overpass was built as part of the Volgogradskiy Avenue retrofitting project. Two pedestrian crossings were also built: an aboveground crosswalk and an underground passage. The adjoining roads, Volzhskiy Boulevard, Lublinskaya Street, and Ostapovsky Proyezd have been rebuilt. Bus bays were added at public transport stops. All formerly intersecting traffic flows from the nearby streets now pass under the overpass, complete with turnaround slip roads.

The new overpass has allowed motorists unobstructed and comfortable exit into the Maryino District from the downtown area. Residents of the Domashniy residential community can now save on travel time.

Domashniy is an integrated territory development project ranked among the top 10 largest projects in the capital city. Construction of the property began in November 2015 and is progressing ahead of schedule. The project offers over 70 different layout options and provides for an ambitious soft landscaping program. Prices for properties in the Domashniy residential community rank among the top 5 most budget-friendly offers in the Old Moscow area.

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