PSN CLUB hosted signature trainings by the world-famous psychology professor Adrian Furnham on October 9 and 10. The trainings took place at the site of the elite private residence complex Polyanka/44.

Day one featured a program for broker partners of PSN Group. Trainees learned about the psychology of influencing others, the persuasion techniques, and the key principles of negotiating. Prof. Furnham pointed out the importance of cooperation and constructive communication in today’s business community and demonstrated their advantages as opposed to competition and adversarial attitudes. The star speaker believes that cooperation is the most effective form of interaction in the business environment. To prove this theory, the professor had the trainees take a test for awareness and complete interesting practical assignments.

As part of day 2, the organizers prepared a set of lectures for the future residents of the elite private residence complex Polyanka/44 focusing on how to prepare schoolchildren for higher education and things to consider when choosing an educational institution. Adrian Furnham discussed ways to make a child happy instead of encumbering him with burdensome education. The speaker made an important point that a teenager should not be forced to study at a university at a time when he has yet to decide on his future calling.

“If the child is unable to make a decision and choose a calling after finishing school, it is important to give him an opportunity to make an informed and independent choice. Let him take a break, consider all options, and try a hand at working. In today’s world, universities are not limited to the educational function. They also provide socialization and help make helpful business connections and contacts,” Prof. Furnham noted.

Speaker profile:

Adrian Furnham is a professor at Oxford, Cambridge, and the University College of London, and a consultant to top managers at Barclays, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, and other companies. He authored over 50 books, including the best-seller 50 Psychology Ideas You Really Need to Know. Adrian presently ranks among the top 20 most reputable psychologists of the world, according to the ranking of the Human Resources magazine.

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