Ekaterina Kutumova, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, PSN Group, has joined the jury of the prestigious Effie Awards Russia 2020 in the field of marketing.

Effie Russia participants and jury members are leading international and Russian companies, major advertising agencies, and recognized advertising and marketing experts.

The awards cover a range of goods and services categories, among them: food, real estate, IT, science and education, tourism and catering, media, transport and logistics, and charity organizations. There are also special categories: audience, business challenges, media, focus, positive change, and shopper marketing.

Stage I of the jury voting will take place on March 24-26, and stage II on April 8. The jury will hold a series of in-person meetings to decide the award winners. The official awards ceremony will be held on April 23.

Ekaterina Kutumova, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, PSN Group:

“It is nice to be a part of such a major award and to sit on the judging panel. For the jury, it provides an excellent opportunity to pool experience with colleagues across industries. “Every year features more and more participants. Our task is to maintain the highest standards and ensure compliance with the competition rules so that the best nominees win in a fair fight.”

Ekaterina Kutumova is a five-time participant in the Top 1000 Russian Managers rating, as well as a permanent member of the judging panel of the JOY Awards for journalists writing about real estate.

The Effie Awards represent the gold standard in marketing, conferred for excellence in the area of advertising and marketing communications. The competition has been held since 1968 in 52 countries on five continents. Its mission is to foster high-performing marketing projects and professionals, and contribute to the development of the industry.

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