PSN Group and the fintech company CFT Basis registered two equity participation agreements with mortgage loans from Gazprombank and Vozrozhdenie in online mode. Both deals for the purchase of flats in the Domashny neighborhood were executed entirely remotely.

As a result, PSN Group became the first developer to offer a quick and convenient service for the remote purchase of real estate, allowing clients to select any bank and the most suitable mortgage plan. The developer is now able to remotely draw up equity participation and purchase-and-sale agreements with buyers of properties in the SREDA, Domashny, and Grinada projects.

The Basis.Regservice platform enables banks, developers, and brokers to register electronic documents. To formalize a deal for the purchase of real estate, the developer submits a registration application, after which the system generates a set of documents and issues an electronic signature to all parties. The documents are uploaded for signature, and the parties receive a notification by phone. After the documents have been read and signed in the special mobile app, they are forwarded to the Federal Registration Service (Rosreestr). At the final stage, all parties to the deal receive registered copies of the documents by email.

Ekaterina Thain, Vice President, Retail Sales, PSN Group:

“The service is unique in that we can now include the client's preferred bank in the deal. We are currently collaborating with Gazprombank, Vozrozhdenie, and Alfa-Bank, and have plans to significantly expand the list going forward.”

Sergey Ponomarenko, CEO, CFT Basis:

“As an IT company, it is vital that we quickly adapt to circumstances in real time. We are witnessing an important shift whereby online is becoming the only channel for any kind of communication. After self-isolation, many are sure to change their patterns of behavior. People will begin to use online services even more, and seek out new convenient ways to set up business processes and make purchases. In this environment, it is especially important for us to develop services that help build sales chains for our clients.”

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