In 2017, 322,500 square meters of housing were built within PSN Group’s comfort-class projects, and landscaping of the first stages was almost completed. A lot of the work on designing the lobbies has already been completed, elevators have been installed in the entrances, and windows and radiators have been installed in the apartments. Construction of all buildings is proceeding on schedule.

In the SREDA residential quarter at the start of the year, 10 floors had been completed in building T4, 14 floors in building T5, 2 floors in building T2, and building T3 was at the excavation stage. Construction of four 25-storey buildings was completely finished at the end of the year. A total of 102,480 square meters were built in 2017. Today, facade work, finishing of common areas, and commissioning of the building utility systems in the first stage of the project are nearing completion. Facade work, installation of internal building utility systems and finishing work in the underground parking garage are in progress in the second stage. In addition, the design was completed and construction of the third building of the second stage was started, the foundation work for this building was finished, and in-situ concreting was 60% completed. The first stage of landscaping is well underway: All buildings within the park area have been demolished, the courtyards have been paved, equipment for the children's playgrounds has been purchased, and site planning is in progress. Remarkably, all existing trees have been carefully preserved in the landscaping plan.

In the Domashniy residential community in Maryino, the first and second buildings of the first stage have already been completed. During the year, in-situ concreting and masonry work were carried out on the walls and partitions, the building enclosure was insulated and glazing of the facades was completed. Landscaping and design of the entrances are in progress. A final inspection by the Moscow State Construction Supervision Committee is now being conducted here. Construction of the first building of the second stage also started this year – 10 floors of the reinforced frame have already been completed. In the second building, the underground part was waterproofed and cast-in-place structures of the first floor bearing frame were erected. We have also significantly improved the virtual room, where you can see 15 options for planning solutions in real time and take a walk through apartments with two finishing options. In the Grinada residential quarter, which was put up for sale in April 2017, construction of a total of 61,000 sq. m of housing in the first-stage buildings was completed. Construction of the second stage of the project is in full swing. By December 2017, a total of 37,200 sq.m had been built, and the frame of building D5 was 85% erected. The third stage building was 45% completed, and we plan to put it up for retail sale in the near future. Finishing of the first stage buildings is 60% completed, and work is progressing ahead of schedule. In addition, 90% of the landscaping of the first stage of the project was also completed, pavement was laid, and the playground equipment was installed.

In December 2017, a convenient new sales office was opened, in which a presentation of apartments using VR technology is available for clients.

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