PSN Group has announced the launch of a service for the remote sale of properties in the Domashny neighborhood and the Grinada residential quarter. It is now possible to contact the sales team, choose a flat, and complete all the requisite paperwork without visiting the developer's office.

Visual instructions in the form of infographics have been posted on all project websites. To make a purchase, clients need to reserve a property, after which the sales manager will remotely draw up an equity participation agreement.

In-depth consultations are available by contacting the call center or leaving a request via the feedback form. In addition, the project websites provide detailed floor plans, documents, and updates on the construction progress, and clients can add properties to their list of favorites for later consultation and formalization.

The remote buying procedure also covers mortgage lending.

Ekaterina Thain, Vice President, Retail Sales, PSN Group:

“We care about the health and safety of our buyers and employees. In the current situation, people should be given an opportunity to realize their plans, including buying a home. For this purpose, we have introduced a new service for clients to purchase properties remotely. At the same time, we kindly ask everyone to remain at home as far as feasible in compliance with the lockdown rules.”

As such, as of April 1, all PSN Group sales offices are operating remotely; all necessary information and answers to questions can be obtained by calling the number on the website of the relevant project.

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