In 2018, the PSN Group already completed the first stages of the comfort class projects and are in the process of building the second stages. Thus, 189.9 thousand square meters were built as part of the SREDA residential complex, 66.2 thousand square meters of new housing as part of the Domashny microregion and 60.6 thousand square meters as part of the Grinada residential complex.

The first stage building in the SREDA residential complex has been commissioned. The second stage houses have also been completed. Over the year, the primary work related to the courtyards and grounds has been completed: sidewalks and curbs have laid, equipment for playgrounds and sports fields has been installed. Landscaping has been completed for the first and second stages. Maple, birch, elm, spruce, thuja, pine, several species of juniper and other plants from Neumann Pflanzen (Germany), Arbor (Belgium) and Nowy Dwor (Poland) have been planted. In addition, work is already underway to finish the apartments of the T3 first stage building, and finishing work in the apartments of the second stage M6 building.

Work is ongoing on the construction and facades of the second stage buildings comprising the Domashny microdistrict. Masonry for the interior walls and partitions on the ground floors have been completed. Glazing has been partially completed in the buildings. As part of the first stage of the project, work was completed on beautifying the internal premises, installing rubber coating, interior finishing works in the common areas, as well as work on finishing the ground floor lobbies. Work is ongoing to finish the apartments of the second building.

In December, landscaping was completed in the first stage area of the Grinada residential apartment, and additional landscaping was carried out in the courtyards, including the planting of maple trees, decorative varieties of pines and spruces, and more than 250 barberry, juniper, and dogwoods. All of the plants were brought from the Dendropark nursery which has been in business for more than 20 years. Over the year, all of the construction and installation works have been completed in the second stage D4.1 and D5 buildings. Monolithic works have been carried out in the D3 building.

Of note is that throughout the year, PSN Group projects have generated quite a lot of local interest in the Nizhny Novgorod and Maryino districts of the South-East Administrative Okrug, and Northern Butovo district of the South-West Administrative District, and already more than 80% of the apartments have been sold.


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