The landscaping area at phases I and II of the Domashny comfort-class project covers more than 21,000 square meters; as of July 2020, more than 70% of the work had been completed. In addition to arranging the space of the courtyards and the adjacent territory, the developer conceived the idea of creating a central promenade for residents of the district, leading to the Moscow River embankment. Part of the alleyway is already complete and in great demand with new occupants.

Currently, the first and second buildings of phase I, commissioned in 2018-2019, have been fully landscaped. Seasonal care is provided for the plants, outdoor furniture by Adanat, children's play equipment by Kompan, and the safe rubber flooring that meets all the requirements and standards of modern housing. In addition, the recreation areas and landscape zones feature geoplastics and Saros lanterns. A total of more than 50 trees were planted in phase I, including spruce, maple, birch, and groups of shrubs and perennials. Trees of a certain age were selected for planting, all with the necessary trunk girth to make the territory look cultivated with a well-formed landscape. Evening illumination and lighting of trees and shrubs create splendid visual effects, filling the courtyards and adjacent territory with warmth and coziness.

Landscaping and planting works have also been completed in phase II of the project. A set of measures for tending to the green spaces is in operation. In the near future, a rolled lawn with a total area of 560 square meters will be laid out. The project landscaping has been implemented as a single concept since phase I. Also installed are playgrounds and educational play equipment for all age groups. The sites are specially spaced and zoned to allow residents to move freely, play, and relax. Bike stands are located in the vicinity. Next to the phase II buildings is a spacious area covering 230 square meters for dog walking and training with various equipment, including rings, barriers, a balancer, and other facilities.

The landscaping concept has also been developed for the third building of phase II of the Domashny neighborhood, due to be built and commissioned in 2021. The inner courtyard space is designed as a component of the overall project concept, and includes landscaped areas with geoplastics, children's playgrounds, street lighting, greening, and small architectural objects. As part of the greening, it is planned to plant spirea, maple, linden, ninebark bushes, and turf.

Work is actively underway to landscape the second section of the central alleyway, which will cross the entire neighborhood to the Moscow River embankment, forming an integrated space for walking, jogging, and leisure activities. The installation of treadmills and the laying of seamless tiles in the pedestrian area of the boulevard also continue. August will see the appearance of small architectural objects and the new rolled lawn.

Mikhail Grachevsky, Vice President, Development, PSN Group:

“The alleyway will be 450 meters long with the design emphasis on landscaping. The territory was developed to resemble a park lane, which is why there are so many trees and other plants.”

The first section of the alleyway features more than 50 linden, maple, and birch seedlings, Japanese spirea and lilac shrubs, and rolled lawns. All plants were delivered from the Dendropark nursery. Joggers can enjoy tracks made of granite screenings, while seamless concrete tiles were selected for the footpaths. Along the alleyway are benches, bins, pergolas, and swings. Lighting comes from specially installed LED street lamps. The area of the landscaped boulevard totals 3,900 square meters.

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