PSN Group reports that construction and finishing works are underway at phase II of the Domashny neighborhood and the Grinada residential quarter. In addition, the interior design solutions for the modern lobbies of the Polyanka/44 elite mansion complex are in place, and all furniture and interior items have been purchased.

At Polyanka/44, finishing works have been completed on the lobbies and standard floors of five mansions: Hydrangea, Lotus, Magnolia, Camellia, and Orchid. The entrance lobbies are decorated with practical materials, including natural marble, brass, dark oak, stucco molding, and glass. The lobbies feature reception desks and furniture designed by Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design, plus LASVIT chandeliers crafted from handmade Bohemian glass, made individually for the interior of each mansion. All chandeliers have a programmable set of lighting scenarios.

The furniture and decorative elements are custom-made.

In building II of phase II of the Domashny neighborhood, the exterior facades are ready, and all engineering systems have been installed and public spaces decorated.

On the first storeys, work has been carried out to install lighting fixtures, face walls and floors with ceramic granite, construct suspended ceilings, paint walls, and mount railings on evacuation staircases. All internal engineering and landscaping works are finished. Apartments have been internally decorated: floors and walls have been faced with ceramic tiles and granite, mosaics, and laminate; walls are painted and wallpapered, and plumbing fixtures are installed. Points raised during the final inspection are currently being addressed in order to obtain a statement of compliance (SOC) followed by a commissioning permit (CP).

In building III of phase II of the Domashny neighborhood, work has been completed on the outer wall masonry, ventilation units, water and sewage pipes, and roofing. Work is underway on the masonry of internal walls and partitions, and the installation of translucent structures and internal engineering systems.

Building D3 of the Grinada residential quarter has been issued with an SOC confirming that a built/restored major construction project complies with all planning documentation requirements, including energy performance and metering devices. Document no.: SOC 132-10-R/SOC dated March 25, 2020. Building D3 consists of sections with a variable number of storeys. The total area of the property is 24,214 square meters. The building contains a total of 282 flats and 215 parking spaces. Works to install a ventilated facade, external and internal walls, PVC windows, facade cladding with fiber cement and clinker tiles, internal engineering systems, retaining walls, and roofing have been completed, and public spaces have been decorated. Heating, sewage, and water supply systems are connected. In the courtyard there are exercise machines for workout training and a children's playground with modern equipment. The territory is greened with birch, pine, syringa, hydrangea, maple, linden, mountain ash, and other plants.

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