The landscape was created using historical gardens typical of medieval European churches and monasteries as an example. They usually combined flowers, shrubs and grasses of different heights and winding paths made of natural materials like stone or wood or stone slabs. All plants were supplied from leading German nurseries.

Narcissus, red and yellow tulips, asters, lilac bushes and hydrangeas blossomed in the 1-ha garden right in the center of Moscow. The garden was surrounded by apple trees, ornamental birch, pine and cedar. A green enclosure of tall juniper bushes complemented the natural setting. The plants were ordered and delivered from leading German nurseries Bruns and Neumann. These family-owned nurseries were founded in 1876 and 1963, respectively, and are noted for their rich history and the outstanding quality of their plants. Bruns Pflanzen (nursery) is known for the fact that the founders managed to preserve rare species of rhododendrons, despite the events of two world wars, and today the company is one of Europe’s largest tree nurseries. Neumann Pflanzen covers more than 100 hectares, and has been supplying street and multi-stem trees, evergreens and single shrubs worldwide for more than 55 years.

The garden in the I’M on the Garden Ring project was created under the direction of Dutch landscape architect Hyco Verhaagen, who for more than 30 years has been creating design concepts for private and public parks and squares in Europe. The prairie garden in I’M on the Garden Ring also has a stage for holding events, a playground and a fountain.

Hyco Verhaagen, creator of the landscape concept for I’M on the Garden Ring:

“Creating this corner in the center of a large city was a challenge, because along with the wide open space, we had to select and arrange the plants correctly. But when we were implementing the concept, we managed to create the impression of a natural landscape, while emphasizing the intimacy of the design.”

The I’M on the Garden Ring luxury residential quarter was commissioned in December of last year. As of today, more than 70% of buyers have received keys to their new apartments and suites. The quarter is managed by PSN Home, PSN Group’s own management company, which is responsible for helping people move in and maintaining the required level of service for facilities built by the company.

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