All of PSN Group’s comfort-class projects have been fitted with children’s playgrounds made by the global brand Kompan, the largest supplier of play structures in Europe and Russia with 50 years’ experience in the market.

The children’s playground equipment installed in the courtyards of the SREDA, Domashny, and Grinada projects takes into account the preferences of each child, and provides different games and types of play. Furthermore, each playground is divided into age groups: for children under 3 there are sandboxes, fixed-seat swings, slides, development game panels, and drawing boards; for children aged 4-12 there are climbing frames and ropes, magic-carpet swings, and safe themed play facilities. PSN Group has installed at least 10 play areas in each courtyard so that children spend time actively and never get bored.

All playgrounds are surfaced with high-quality SBR rubber sheeting, 5 cm thick; the covering absorbs the shock of falls and is moisture-proof. It is also easy to maintain and replace in case of damage.

The color scheme combines several bright shades, including: blue, red, lime, pink, and other colors. Thanks to the lush rubber surfacing, the courtyard of every PSN Group project will remain bright all year round.

Mikhail Grachevsky, Vice President for Development for the PSN Group:

“We have provided all our comfort-class projects with state-of-the-art children’s play and sports equipment. Such equipment allows children to take risks, and teaches them to cope with difficulties and develop endurance. Kompan designs its play equipment, color solutions, development facilities, sports simulators, and cable structures at its own specialized play institute in Denmark, where the systems are tested by specialists and children themselves.”

Kompan’s story begins in 1970, when founder Tom Lindhardt Wills placed a sculpture in a district of Odense, Denmark. Although it was intended as art, children began to play on it. From that moment on, he devoted himself to designing unusual equipment for playgrounds, and created Kompan in the process. Today the company is one of the best-known brands in the world of playground equipment, with production sites in the Czech Republic and Germany.

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