Experts of the investment and realty company Est-a-Tet have compiled a ranking of developers by sales of comfort-class flats in the six months of 2017. PSN Group ranks second in the list of leaders. The ranking is based on statistics from the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster, and Cartography.

PSN Group has three ongoing comfort-class development projects: Domashniy in Maryino, SREDA in Ryazansky Avenue, and Grinada in Northern Butovo. In the first six months of 2017, the company sold 75% of all flats marketed by PSN Group in the comfort-class segment.

Ekaterina Tain, Vice President of Retail Sales, PSN Group:

"If you look at statistics of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster, and Cartography, you can see that our projects account for one in three collective investment agreements signed in Moscow's Southeastern District. Buyers are literally voting with their money for our projects. Notably, 1H 2017 sales in our projects are up 40% from 1H 2016. We continue expanding the selection of our financial instruments and creating the most comfortable conditions for buyers of flats in our projects." According to Est-a-Tet, some 3.3 million sqm of residential properties are currently on the market in Moscow. Comfort-class flats continue to enjoy peak demand, accounting for 41% of the market. In the first half of 2017, 66% of all new construction properties were sold in this segment. The Northeastern, Western, and Southeastern Administrative Districts are the most popular locations with prospective homeowners.

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