On August 6-7, Gorky Park will host the tenth annual exhibition project FACES&LACES devoted to various subculture societies of Russia. PSN Group is a sponsor of the event.

On August 4, PSN Group and FACES&LACES also launched at the Pravda Urban Culture Center an international project devoted to urban and subculture art that will last until September. Graffiti artists from all over the world will paint over 11 facades of the Pravda Urban Culture Center.

The FACES&LACES expo project annually draws the best representatives of the street wear segment, specialist industry, and subculture trends. This year's FACES&LACES expo will feature project presentations by over 350 representatives of current urban fashion, sports, customizing, visual communications, and alternative contemporary arts. They will also include famous international brands: Burn, Nike, Sportswear, Vans, Puma, Uniqlo, Reebok, and others.

For the first time, FACES&LACES will feature a wakeboarding competition at the renovated Pionerskiy Pond in Gorky Park. During the event, visitors will see memorable stunts by wakeboarding riders.

Also at your disposal will be a spacious dance floor in Fontannaya Square, music played by the most fashionable DJs, interesting contests staged by expo participants, cuisines from all over the world, an afterparty, and much more.

FACES&LACES is an interactive exhibition project devoted to current urban fashion and sports, subcultures, custom culture, visual communications, and alternative contemporary arts in Russia. The expo annually draws the best local representatives of the street wear segment, specialist industry, and subculture trends.

The mission of FACES&LACES is to demonstrate exclusive projects and content that can convey to the audience in the most credible and objective manner the latest trends in the local subculture and alternative environments where fashion, contemporary arts, sports, and music actively overlap and interact.

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