PSN Group is marketing flats with interior finishing in the comfort-class SREDA residential quarter. The opportunity to become an author of your own flat design is one of the exclusive options available to buyers of flats with interior finishing.

Flats will come complete with all the appropriate connections: electrical wiring, air conditioning, washing machine connection point, TV and Internet sockets, as well as cold and hot water meters. The bathroom and restroom will be fully furnished.

“Flats with interior finishing by the developer is a trend that is getting increasingly more popular. Statistics of PSN Group analysts show that more than 50% of buyers are considering buying a flat with completed interior finishing. In the SREDA project, the future owners will be able to literally piece together the interior finishing for their flat by picking materials and color solutions from collections by European designers,” says Ekaterina Tain, Retail Sales Director at PSN Group.

Flats with interior finishing will be sold in the 25-story building T3. Interior finishing will be done using high-quality materials by Spanish, Italian, German, and French manufacturers. The budget for studios with finishing in the SREDA residential quarter ranges from RUB 3.6 to 4.14 million (area from 22.7 to 25.5 sqm), one-bedroom apartments – from RUB 5.9 to 7.9 million (39.3 to 52.7 sqm), two-bedroom apartments – from RUB 8.98 to 10.98 million (60.8 to 72.4 sqm), and three-bedroom apartments – from RUB 11.58 to 11.97 million (78 sqm). The prices factor in a 4% discount available to all-cash buyers or mortgage home buyers. The building is scheduled to enter service in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

The SREDA residential quarter is a project calling for integrated development of the territory. It ranks among the Top 5 largest projects in the capital city. The first stage of the SREDA residential quarter will be completed in the 1st quarter of 2018.

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