Promsvyazbank has reduced its mortgage rate to 6.99%* for comfort-class properties sold by PSN Group.

Buyers of flats in the SREDA residential quarter and the Domashniy residential community can avail themselves of this beneficial offer as part of the New Construction Housing program. Clients can choose one of the three mortgage plans with different grace periods: one year at 6.99%, two years at 7.99%, or three years at 8.3%. The base rate is 10.9% after the grace period. All of these rates are conditional mortgage-specific risk insurance.

The downpayment starts at 15%. The maximum loan amount is RUB 30 million.

“The downward trend in mortgage rates is spreading faster than we had expected. It is a very positive shift that will energize the market. Promsvyazbank currently offers some of the lowest mortgage rates in the real estate market, and we are particularly pleased that buyers of our properties are among the first who can avail themselves of this offer,” says Ekaterina Tain, Vice President of Retail Sales, PSN Group.

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