Residents of PSN Group’s Polyanka/44 elite mansion complex are supplied with clean air and are protected against airflows from neighboring apartments thanks to cutting-edge individual air conditioning and supply-and-exhaust ventilation.

The complex meets all the requirements of top-quality engineering systems. Here you can be absolutely sure that inside every room only fresh air is circulating, and never mixed with the air of neighboring flats within the same mansion, which is akin to staying in your own country house.

All this is made possible by the individual ventilation units located inside the flats. Special filters clean the air entering and leaving the premises, which has a beneficial effect on the health of residents and the environment. Hi-tech ventilation systems and exclusive System Air equipment allow you to create and maintain the right microclimate in each room, as well as adjust the air temperature as and when necessary for maximum living comfort. What's more, the equipment operates almost silently.

Installed in each mansion are reliable two-pipe air-conditioning systems with precision settings. The outdoor units are already in place. It remains for residents to select the indoor units in accordance with the interior design of their flat.

Recall that the Polyanka/44 elite mansion complex was commissioned in March 2019. The project has received a number of prestigious international and Russian awards, including the European Property Awards, the Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture, Architectural Heritage, Urban Awards, and others.

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