On July 5, the awards ceremony for the All-Russian Architectural Heritage Festival was held in Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. The Polyanka/44 luxury residential development from PSN Group finished second in the “Best Preservation and Development Project” competition as one of the finest examples of restoration of a historic building.

During work on the project, PSN Group and restoration architects from Estreya restored and reconstructed the facades of the former rental property owned by the merchant Malyshev, built according to the design of the German architect Gustav Helrich before the outbreak of the First World War. The expert jury for the “Best Preservation and Development Project” competition considered the project to be one of the finest examples of restoration of a historic building in 2018. The building facades are designed in the Neoclassical style: along with strict proportionality of the bay windows and balconies, bas-reliefs in the classical style stand out from the wall and attract attention. Images of ancient Greek goddesses and nymphs, warriors in helmets, a repeating meander ornament, garlands and acanthus leaves – all of these details identify the building as one of the numerous examples of the turn-of-the-century Neoclassical style.

The Polyanka/44 complex is located in the historic center of Moscow. It includes 8 mansions with a varying number of floors (from 4 to 7): 3 historic and 5 modern. The design respects the architecture and preserves the mansions’ original facades dating from the turn of the 20th century. At the same time, new floor plans have been designed for the apartments, and all utilities and elevators have been replaced. The five new mansions in the complex have been designed in contemporary classical style. As a result, the mansions blend into the district’s low-rise buildings. Penthouses with panoramic balconies up to 148 sq. m in area and providing breathtaking views of the center of Moscow (Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Kremlin) are located on the top floors. The grounds of Polyanka/44 are private and include an inner courtyard with an English garden covering 0.8 ha with picturesque lounge areas and green alleys, which create an “oasis of calm” right in the center of Moscow. A stream in the center of the garden adds to the atmosphere of country life.

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