With PSN Group support, Moscow hosts the Outline festival of electronic music and new urban culture


The festival organizer was the creative agency STEREOTACTIC and the team from the legendary Arma 17 club.

This was not simply the party of the year, but a genuine celebration of life, with 17,000 people from many cities and almost all of Moscow, and foreign languages heard on each platform of the festival. The event was unique not only for its location, but also for its time: this year the dismantling of the plant facilities at the Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant (KMZ) will be completed and large-scale construction work will begin on a new residential development. Outline’s creators were inspired by circumstances and implemented their creative plan to the full, transforming the space into an entire objet d’art.

The organizers brought together a festival program of unprecedented scale.

Two hi-tech dance arenas in an authentic industrial setting and three open-air stages, including the famous Woodz non-stop echo-dancefloor, were taken over by leading electronic musicians from around the world and dozens of internationally renowned DJs. The event attracted such names as Andy Stott, Ben UFO, Cobblestone Jazz, Daniel Avery, Demdike Stare, dOP, Egyptian Lover, Fake Electronics, Fatima live band, Felix Kubin, Fumiya Tanaka, and others.

Maxim Gasiev, PSN Group President:

«The Outline festival was a pilot project for us, which the organizers brought to life at the highest level. We plan to continue developing this platform and to transform this territory in to a prominent social space. We are confident that this residential project nearby will provide an additional synergistic effect for generating a creative art-cluster.» The start of the Outline day program designated a shift in the format towards an urban Sunday picnic: live music on the summer concert stage, a marketplace for healthy food, a veg-cafe and open-air entertainment, designer recycling installations, an art forum and many, openly accessible art objects. This was a truly unforgettable celebration and Outline Festival Moscow has every right to call itself a pioneer in the new urban picnic format. On their part the organizers are grateful to PSN Group for their trust and support during the organization of the festival. «And we very much hope that this is just the first, small step in creative work and large capital coming together,» says Dmitry Fesenko, one of the OUTLINE Festival founders and creator of the STEREOTACTIC agency. «As organizers of the festival, we would very much like our event to serve as the impetus for the regeneration and continued development both of this and other, similar, territories.»

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