The inner garden of PSN Group’s Polyanka/44 mansion complex has greeted its first autumn with a glorious mix of brightly hued trees, flower beds, shrubs, and herbs.

The garden concept was developed by Gillespies Landscape Bureau, which created the authentic atmosphere of a natural landscape. Planted around the territory of the complex are mountain pines, lindens, spruces, birches, hawthorns, maples, and various types of junipers. The space is complemented by a lively relief and graceful forms of artificial mounds, similar to untouched natural landscape. Also on display are several varieties of shrubs: barberry, viburnum, lilac, cotoneaster, spirea, perennial grasses, iris, sage, and golden ray. The garden is decorated with ornamental grape vines and floral arrangements. All plants were selected according to the size and volume of their crown fr om Lappen Baumschule, one of the oldest German nurseries, founded in 1894. Having been tenderly cultivated in a mild climate, the plants can readily adapt to different weather conditions.

The stream and fountain system, unique for an urban environment, are the highlight of the inner garden at Polyanka/44. The fountain operates in two modes: dynamic, where the fountain jets rise and fall to different heights, and calm, which generates a mirror-like water surface. The stream flows through the entire garden, meandering between the hills with rapids. The spillover sections are beautifully lit up in the evening. Water plants and grasses are planted along the stream, and movable lamps in the form of reeds are installed, while the opposite sides are connected by footbridges.

In the evening, spotlights are used around the garden to great effect. The lounge areas feature designer outdoor furniture made fr om natural wood-shaded materials, wh ere residents can relax and unwind.

Ekaterina Thain, Vice President, Retail Sales, PSN Group:

“The availability of a private internal territory inside a complex with its own garden within the Garden Ring Road is a unique phenomenon without parallel in the elite real estate market of Moscow. We tried to create not just a regular park with a precise symmetrical layout, but to simulate a real natural landscape, wh ere everything looks lifelike and even a little chaotic. Such a microclimate will revitalize residents every day and restore their energy after work.”

Oliver Smith, Gillespies partner:

“In designing the landscape, the team paid special attention to the quality of the workmanship and materials. It was important for us to create a space that residents and their relatives would love and treasure for many years. The courtyard offers both small secluded landscape zones and more open spaces for events, including children’s games.”

The courtyard also features a children’s playground from the manufacturer Richter Spielgeraete, for two age groups: up to 3 and up to 7. All play elements are made of durable wood, such as alpine larch, robinia, and oak. No paint or varnish was used in treating the surfaces, which ensures a natural and environmentally friendly play area.

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