The Domashny neighborhood was shortlisted in the Comfort-Class Residential Complex of the Year category, and the Pravda apartments were a finalist in the Best Business-Class Apartment Complex in Moscow category.

At the first stage, experts examined and evaluated the nominees in their own offices, after which the development projects were evaluated by an automated program that awarded points based on data from the nominees' application forms. The results of the two stages were summed up and the final score was calculated.

At the second stage, the residential complexes were visited and studied in detail by a field commission, allowing the judges to give an impartial assessment and check that the data in the application forms was accurate.

At the final stage, the nominees themselves will present their projects, after which the winners will be selected.

The results will be announced on November 25 at the Urban Awards 2020 ceremony.

It is the 12th time that the Urban Awards are being held. This year, more than 70 projects in Moscow Region were submitted at the preliminary stage. The judging panel is made up of representatives of leading development companies, architects, and journalists.

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