According to the official website of the mayor of Moscow, Nizhegorodskaya metro station is set to open next to PSN Group’s SREDA residential quarter in 2020 as part of the Ryazanskaya transport hub, the largest interchange in the Russian capital. In addition, construction is underway on a large automobile overpass that links to the Moscow Central Circle (MCC).

Nizhegorodskaya metro station is due to open at the intersection of Nizhegorodskaya and Ryazansky Prospekt streets, and will serve trains running on the Nekrasovskaya and Bolshaya Koltsevaya metro lines. Office premises for the new station are currently being completed. Passenger safety equipment and other vital systems are also being installed at the station.

Nizhegorodskaya station will have two exits. Passengers will be able to exit to the MCC station of the same name and the Karacharovo platform of the Gorkovsky Direction of Moscow Railway (a subsidiary of Russian Railways), as well as to Ryazansky Prospekt street. The station will be a 5-minute walk from the SREDA residential quarter. It will be decorated in the Suprematism style — the interiors will be dominated by brightly colored geometric shapes in orange, yellow, blue, white, and black.

The opening date of the station will be announced shortly.

Nizhegorodskaya is set to form part of the Ryazanskaya transport hub, one of the largest in Moscow. The Bolshaya Koltsevaya and Nekrasovskaya metro lines, the MCC, and the Gorkovsky Direction of Moscow Railway will intersect here.

Thanks to the new hub, residents of the SREDA residential quarter will have convenient access from the metro to the MCC, railway, and overland transport. It will reduce the load on Ryazansky Prospekt, Nizhegorodskaya, and other streets, and transport services for the Nizhegorodsky, Ryazansky, and Lefortovo districts will improve accordingly. It is estimated that around 600,000 passengers per day will pass through the interchange hub.

Recall too that a landscape park and large-scale art object are to be installed near the hub.

The 132-meter automobile bridge across the MCC will connect the Lefortovo and Nizhegorodsky districts. The new transport facility is expected to reduce traffic congestion.

The new overpass will provide convenient access to and from the Karacharovo district, and allow motorists to exit from Ryazansky Prospekt street onto Shosse Entuziastov highway. To accommodate the new infrastructure, Prud-Klyuchiki street in Lefortovo has been reconstructed and widened to four lanes.

Sound barriers are being installed along the bridge, and new rules for the passage of trucks have been introduced throughout the south-east of Moscow to cut emissions. As a result, the Nizhegorodsky district will be quieter, cleaner, and safer thanks to fewer road accidents.

Recall that PSN Group's SREDA residential quarter is located in the Nizhegorodsky district of Moscow. The first and second phases have been built and put into operation. In addition to housing, the developer offers parking spaces, storerooms, and commercial premises. The total landscaping and greening area of the project covers 7.5 hectares, including the adjacent landscape park. The car-free courtyards feature playgrounds and outdoor furniture, as well as trees and shrubs.


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