Architect Ricardo Bofill gave a public lecture in the creative space of the SREDA residential quarter on June 21. Lecture topic: "Transforming cities into smart cities: from urban development trends to separate flats." The event was organized by the ARCH Moscow international architecture and design expo and PSN Group, one of the top 10 developers of Moscow.

By using the example of the SREDA residential quarter (a joint project by Mr. Bofill and PSN Group), Ricardo Bofill told the audience how he managed to create a quarter in the smart city format.

For the SREDA project, RBTA developed an architectural concept of the living space and territory zoning into public and private. “This very approach makes it possible to personalize the space and create a harmonious environment for multifaceted development of a personality,” Mr. Bofill believes. He believes that the SREDA residential quarter will become an graphic example of a living space created in smart city format. Here the living space is combined with sports, social, commercial, cultural and educational zones.

The event drew an audience of over 300. SREDA thus became a magnet for all those interested in architecture, landscape design, and contemporary urban development techniques.

The complete version of the public lecture by Ricardo Bofill is available in the YouTube channel of PSN Group: YouTube video: Public lecture by Ricardo Bofill YouTube video: Public lecture by Ricardo Bofill Reference:

Ricardo Bofill is the president and chief architect of RICARDO BOFILL TALLER DE ARQUITECTURA (RBTA). The bureau was established over 50 years ago and remains one of the most influential architectural workshops in the world. The RBTA team is working on projects all over the globe and has hundreds of notable projects to its name. The calling cards of RBTA are the airport and building of the National Theater of Catalonia in Barcelona, the head offices of Cartier and Christian Dior in Paris, the Shiseido Building skyscraper in Tokyo and Dearborn Center Chicago.

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