The video “SREDA for Champions” has been honored by WOW Awards in the “Presentation Video” category. The awards ceremony was held on September 6th.

The focus of the video was the idea that you need a solid, supportive environment to achieve your goals in life. It is this environment that fosters new victories and facilitates a person’s development into someone who is a champion in whatever he or she endeavors. In the screenplay, the focus is on three project components: sports, infrastructure, and position.

Russian figure skater, Honored Master of Sports and brand ambassador of the SREDA residential neighborhood Alexey Yagudin participated in the filming of the video with his family. For an inside look at this film, check out this link:

Of 422 films submitted for the “Presentation Video” category, 23 were selected as winners.

About the award:

WOW Awards is an award honoring the best designs for advertisements in real estate, the industry’s most spectacular and compelling creative ideas. The judges for the competition included more than 70 leading marketing specialists from all over Russia with multiple years of experience in real estate. Each category was judged by specialists in the field.

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