PSN Group’s limited-edition publication I Live at Polyanka was announced as the winner in the Souvenir Products category at the WOW! Awards 2019. The book was issued as an exclusive gift for buyers of apartments in the Polyanka/44 elite townhouse complex from PSN Group. It contains historical facts about the Polyanka district, the townhouses located there at different times, and famous residents of the region.

One of the mansions restored by PSN Group was once home to legendary artist Lev Bruni. Musicians Vladimir Sofronitsky and Heinrich Neigauz, young poet Arseny Tarkovsky, and the legendary Anna Akhmatova and Osip and Nadezhda Mandelstam spent many evenings with him there in his flat.

The project developer, in conjunction with a team of writers from the publisher Karta Stolitsy (Map of the Capital), led by Olga Livinskaya, worked on the publication for over a year, preparing texts and selecting archival materials, including historical and modern photographs. In preparing the work, materials from the A.V. Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, the news media company Russia Segodnya, the State Tretyakov Gallery, TASS, Mosfilm, the Museum of Moscow, Getty Images, and other archival sources were used. The book consists of seven chapters, including 130 archive photos, 142 modern photos, 14 digitized illustrations by Russian-Soviet artist Lev Bruni, and ten movie shots. Of particular note is the chapter composed by renowned art historian and Moscow-on-screen expert Tatiana Vorontsova.

Ekaterina Kutumova, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, PSN Group:

“The book ‘I Live at Polyanka’ is a truly unique publication for the Russian real estate market — we are the first to issue such a book not just about one of our projects, but about the entire district and its inhabitants at different periods. Our team labored on the publication for a whole year and a half, collecting rare materials and data from the archives. The book is a gift not only for Polyanka/44 residents, but for us too. Thank you to my colleagues for properly recognizing the significance of this publication!”

The WOW! Awards celebrate the best real estate advertising projects, including the industry’s most spectacular and compelling creative ideas. In 2019 over 300 works were submitted to the competition. Besides the souvenir publication I Live at Polyanka, other products from PSN Group reached the final: the game and cartoon Maryanich in Search of Treasure in the Non-Standard Promotion: Digital category, and the PSN Kitchen stand at the Real Estate from Leaders exhibition in the Exhibition Stand category.

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