The Nizhegorodskaya aboveground metro station was opened on September 10. It will subsequently become part of the Ryazanskaya transport interchange hub.

The plan is to open a total of 31 stations connecting with metro and electric commuter train stations. The Moscow Central Ring is expected to become an alternative to the underground metro. The Moscow Central Ring will not charge passengers for rides during the first month.

In 2018, a new metro station, Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa, will open 300 m away from the SREDA residential quarter in the vicinity of the Nizhegorodskaya station of the Moscow Central Ring. It will become part of Russia's largest transport interchange hub, Ryazanskaya.

The Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa Metro station will be a common station of the third interchange circuit and the "pink" metro branch "Kozhukhovskaya". The station has been designed as a three-level structure with a colonnade hall, two parallel island platforms and four tracks on the bottom level, as well as a passenger overpass, a passenger flow distribution vestibule at the top level, and an atrium in the center. The station's interior will reflect the architecture of Nizhniy Novgorod and motifs of folk crafts that are traditional in the region. The project is exceptional in that the Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa Metro station will become part of a major transport interchange hub, Ryazanskaya, that will include two railway platforms in addition to the metro station.

The Ryazanskaya hub is expected to connect the Kozhukhovskaya branch of the Metro, the third interchange circuit, the Moscow Central Ring, the Municipal Branch of the Railway, and aboveground public transport. This ambitious project has no equivalents in Russia.

Ekaterina Tain, Retail Sales Director at PSN Group:

“The transport accessibility of Moscow's South-East will improve considerably with the launch of the Ryazanskaya hub. Passengers will be able to easily reach any location in Moscow or outside city limits. From the perspective of business, the metro delivers a boost to commercial real estate: offices, malls."

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