Victor Sheleg is an original artist who began painting in oils at the age of 12. His corpus includes more than 1800 paintings, all created between 1990 and 2017. Most of those paintings are held in private collections. His work has been exhibited in Russia, France, Finland, Australia, and the USA. This time, however, a private exhibition of Sheleg’s paintings was staged in a most unusual location: the underground parking garage of the I’M on Sadovoye Koltso residential neighborhood, which is the first of the PSN Group’s construction projects. Rising 4 meters high, the garage space is an ideal temporary gallery in which to stage an exhibit.

Followers of the artist, clients of the PSN Group’s elite projects, friends of the PSN Club, representatives and clients of the Tolstoy Art Gallery, members of DeLuxury.Club, art critics, collectors and investors were all invited to the exhibition. The venue was selected to lend a special atmosphere to the event: finding themselves underground, the guests enjoyed the exhibition as well as legendary Moet & Chandon champagne, oysters and black caviar snacks from chef Sergey Dushkov.

Over the course of the evening, the guests were shown Victor Sheleg’s paintings, featuring images of a variety of women: seductive, mysterious, thoughtful, flirtatious, haughty — each piece is notable for its remarkable lucidity, emotiveness and expressivity. Indeed, the artist himself calls his genre “expressive synthetism.”

Ekaterina Kutumova, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, PSN Group:

“It’s our pleasure supporting projects connected with the arts and talented people in the fields of music, painting, architecture. We hold most of these events at our own sites so that our guests can get to know us and our residential complexes, and so that our partners, clients and friends can see with their own eyes the level and quality of our facilities.”

The Tolstoy Art Gallery, which houses a unique collection of paintings and sculptures by contemporary European artists, was the organizer and curator of the exhibit.

In addition, an Audi A8 automobile was displayed at the event. The guests could sign up for a test drive — quite the privilege!


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