The facade of building D3 of PSN Group’s Grinada residential quarter has now been fully faced. A range of materials were used in the process, including EcoStone tiles, LTM Cynop fiber-cement panels, wood-laminated panels, and wet plaster.

EcoStone fiber-cement panels and tiles not only improve the exterior of the building, but protect it from environmental exposure without heating up in the sun. The materials are easy to apply and have a long service life. If individual elements are damaged, they can be replaced with new ones. The gray section of the facade of building D3 is made of wet plaster, consisting of insulation, a reinforcing mesh, leveling and decorative plaster, and base and top coats of paint. This solution not only makes the edifice attractive on the outside, but keeps it well protected against cold and rain.

The external and internal walls of building D3 at Grinada, including PVC windows, have also been completed; all roofing works have been carried out, elevator equipment have been installed, and startup and commissioning operations have been performed. In the near future, an acceptance commission is due to put the domestic heating system into operation.

Work is presently underway on the interior decoration of common areas and the installation of headwalls and internal/external utility systems. The building courtyard already includes a children’s play area and a sports ground made by famous Danish firm Kompan, and work is in progress to lay paving stones and lawns, and to concrete the entrance lobbies of the building.

Recall that PSN Group’s Grinada residential quarter is located in the Northern Butovo district on the edge of the Butovo and Bitsevsky forests. The project encompasses six residential buildings of varying height. Buildings D1, D2, D4.1, and D5 are now fully commissioned. Each has a Kompan playground in the courtyard, plus its own Wi-Fi network, food shops, beauty salon, building materials store, dentist’s surgery, and education center for children and adults.

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