The courtyard of PSN Group’s Polyanka/44 elite townhouse complex has been fitted an artificial stream and fountain installation, unique for an urban environment. The structure features heat-treated granite with individually shaped and sized elements.

The water in the stream and fountain is purified. The equipment, made by the European firms Astral Pool and Technol, gives precise control over the water quality and composition. The modern filtration system includes ultraviolet disinfection, which kills germs and destroys unwanted elements in the water.

The fountain can operate in two modes: dynamic, where the fountain jets rise and fall to different heights, and mirror, where the entire surface of the fountain is suffused with water, generating a mirror effect. The fountain is illuminated at night and creates a playful silhouette.

The private stream complements the garden atmosphere of rural life in the center of the metropolis. It provides a calm, quiet flow of water with spillover sections complete with built-in LED lights. The stream is approximately 100 meters long.

The modern landscape of the Polyanka/44 project, including unique aqua facilities, was designed by the British bureau Gillespies, which specializes in landscaping urban environments and public spaces.

Ekaterina Thain, Vice President, Retail Sales, PSN Group:

“It is quite difficult to find an elite-class project with its own private territory that is not just inside Moscow's Garden Ring, but within walking distance of the Kremlin. On top of that, our Polyanka/44 project has its own internal English garden, comparable in size to a garden in a country house. The garden was landscaped by world famous professionals from British design bureau Gillespies. It was important for us to create a private atmosphere in which residents feel calm and safe amidst the bustle of the metropolis. We provided space not only for abundant plants, flower beds, and shrubs, but also for a body of water, picturesque lounge areas, and lighting to create a mysterious atmosphere around the entire townhouse complex.”

Oliver Smith, Gillespies partner:

“The aqua elements in the Polyanka/44 complex harmoniously complement the garden. A stream runs through the entire courtyard, bringing residents closer to nature without leaving home.”

The Polyanka/44 project became operational in March 2019.

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