The fifth contemporary art festival FORMA 2016 was held at the Pravda Urban Culture Center on July 16.

FORMA is a contemporary art festival representing a synthesis of various trends and genres. Each year the festival broadcasts the dominant trends in electronic music, art, urban culture, and architecture and discovers new names of ambitious artists in various genres. The organizers of the FORMA festival aim to create a “single total work of art”, the so-called Gesammtkunstwerk — a term coined by composer Richard Wagner. This year's FORMA festival drew over 6,000 visitors.

The FORMA 2016 Festival is a collaborative effort by Russian and international architects, urbanists, directors and artists involved in creating the most famous public spaces in Russia and Europe, who consider it their mission to create a new urban culture with its own system of values.

The Pravda Urban Culture Center is a new urban space in Moscow created at the site of a former publishing facility, which used to be the country's largest. Pravda is a business quarter with reputable business and anchor tenants. The premises of the Urban Culture Center are replete with activities by urban and local artistic, musical, athletic, and business communities with their uniquely pronounced artistic identity.

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