Buyers of flats in the Domashniy residential community can use state-subsidized mortgage loans and other mortgage products from the extensive lineup of Sberbank programs. Terms of state-subsidized mortgage:

Base rate for the entire loan term: 12%

Downpayment: no less than 20%

Loan amount: not more than RUB 8 million for residents of Moscow, Moscow Region, and St. Petersburg

Loan term: up to 30 years

No loan issuance commissions

Early repayment without any limitations or fines beginning with the first day of the loan term

If the buyer needs a loan in excess of RUB 8 million, they can use the Sberbank program titled "Housing Under Construction":

Affordable rate starting at 13% (after mortgage registration as prescribed by law)

Loan term: up to 30 years

Maximum loan amount: no limit

Additional discounts are available to salary card customers of Sberbank.

The comfort-class Domashniy residential community is under construction in the Maryino District. The quarter is part of an integrated territory development project with a total footprint of 27 hectares. Domashniy is the first large-scale residential construction project in Maryino in the past 2 decades. Construction of the residential quarter began in November 2015 and is progressing ahead of schedule. Prices for properties in the Domashniy residential community rank among the top 5 most budget-friendly offers in the Old Moscow area.

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