In 2017, PSN Group’s SREDA comfort-class residential quarter was one of Moscow’s most marketable projects, showing record price dynamics. The price per square meter in some SREDA buildings climbed 22% against a market average of just 2.7%, reports Metrium Group.

2017 was a record year for the SREDA comfort-class residential complex across all indicators. This period saw the sale of almost 50,000 square meters of residential space, 40% more than in 2016. At the same time, the number of deals increased by 30%, and there was a notable shift in demand toward more spacious accommodation. This is evidenced by the fact that the average floor space purchased rose from 51.8 to

55.4 square meters According to Metrium Group, this was due to the availability of more affordable mortgage programs.

Buyer preferences in choosing apartments also changed significantly. The share of studios in the total number of transactions fell from 17% to 6%. Meanwhile, one-room apartments saw their share rise from 34% to 38%, three-room apartments from 12% to 16%, and four-room apartments from 2% to 5%.

For the record, the SREDA integrated development project covers a total area of 19.4 hectares. The newly commissioned complex offers residents a green and spacious living space with a vibrant and well-planned sports, cultural, educational, social, and commercial infrastructure. Also slated for construction are a school with 825 places, a kindergarten with 300 places, a 7.5-hectare park area, running and cycle paths, children's playgrounds and sports grounds for different ages, and precincts without cars.

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