PSN Group is building its own park for residents of the new SREDA apartment complex. A 7.5 acre park is going to be constructed within the complex. The total area of the beautification project is 22 acres.

The park is currently 98% ready. Some landscaping is still being completed, and hard surfaces are still being installed. Construction is being completed on secondary structures that will augment the general composition of the park against the background of the construction project’s architectural harmony.

Trees from a greenhouse in Germany have already been planted in the park, including maple, cherry, apple, birch, pine, and even blue spruce. There are plans to transplant bushes in the park and courtyard areas in the immediate future. In addition, the developer has managed to preserve about 150 multi-year trees that were already in the construction area. The park thus looks like was built there long ago, and it is undoubtedly an adornment to the Nizhegorsk neighborhood of Moscow.

The park’s landscaping concept was developed by the British firm Gillespies, which was tasked with planning as comfortable an area as possible. The park provides opportunities for walking, playing, and relaxing in the fresh air. It is functional and usable in any season. Large spaces are set aside for active play, while small, secluded, shady spots provide places to kick back and relax far from the clamor of the city. Specially-built artificial hills can be transformed into ice slides in the winter for sledding.

A core priority for the beautification of the Sreda apartment complex is the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. A 1.8-mile network of paths links various parts of the park, so it will be possible to go for a walk, jog, or ride a bicycle there.

Most of the beautification project is expected to be completed in August 2018.

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