In November, work was completed on planting coniferous and deciduous plants in the courtyards of the M1–M6 and B1–B3 buildings. Altogether, about 82 new trees and 620 shrubs were planted.

Now, the courtyards of SREDA are replete with maples, birches, elms, spruces, thujas, pines, and a variety of junipers. The courtyards also feature barberry, hydrangea, lilac and other bushes and shrubs. The plants were imported from European nurseries: Neumann Pflanzen (Germany), Arbor (Belgium) and Nowy Dwor (Poland).

Ekaterina Thain, Vice President of Retail Sales, PSN Group:

“One of the most important aspects of this work was not just to plant more greenery at the right time, but to also make sure that they fit the overall project concept. The seedlings we chose are quite resistant to local climatic conditions, and in spring we’ll see lovely green courtyards that will become ever more verdant with every year.”

In addition to the new landscaping, Kompan playground equipment was installed in the courtyard of the first second-stage start-up complex. This includes top of the line jungle gyms, as well as horizontal bars, parallel bars and fitness equipment, all of which comply with all regulations and standards to ensure the safety of the children at play.

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