The Bon Ton real estate agency has published a ranking of projects with the largest number of social and sports infrastructure facilities. PSN Group's two comfort-class projects have landed spots in the Top 3.

A total of 17 industrial zones with a gross area of 531 hectares are currently being repurposed for residential use, with 10.5 million sqm of residential space to be sold in 24 development projects. Bon Ton experts have analyzed 14 of the largest projects in terms of their social and sports infrastructure facilities.

The ranking was prepared using an aggregate ratio that reflects the availability of educational institutions and sports facilities per 1,000 residents of the project.

The SREDA Residential Quarter made it to the very top of the ranking. A kindergarten for 300 kids and a school for 825 children will be built on its grounds. There is also a tennis academy next to the project site, along with an Olympic reserve school, a pool, an ice arena, a figure skating school, the Comet stadium, and a fitness center. The project developer, PSN Group, is also planning a integrated network of jogging and bicycle lanes as part of an ambitious soft landscaping project over an area of 7 hectares. The first stage of the project will be commissioned in the first quarter of 2018.

The Domashniy residential community currently under construction in the Maryino District holds the third spot in the ranking. The project will see the construction of two kindergartens for 190 kids each and a school for 875 children. The M.A. Balakirev school of signing, the Maryino lyceum with cadet classes, the Russian-Slovak Service School, as well as a pool and several fitness centers are located within walking distance of the Domashniy residential community

Construction of the Domashniy residential community progresses ahead of schedule. The first stage of the project will be commissioned in the 1st quarter of 2018.

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